Saturday, November 21, 2009

GOOOO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEAT MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

Here are the Iowa football players warming up.

Here are some pictures from last week's game. It was a little miserable at first b/c the sun was right in our eyes. But, after a little while the sun started to go down but we had another problem,

We had LOST one of our tickets. My dad waz sick. Here is the story: we were sitting down at the scull session (the band pep rally) when we sat down my dad took all the stuff out of his pockets and only found one ticket. We PANICKED. It's true, both of us. We retraced our steps quickly and found nothing. After stops at many places, we ended up at guest services. They asked us where we got the tickets; my dad got them from his work and and they made a copy of the ticket and my dad, VERY HAPPILY paid the $10 fee. It was true - it was the best $10 he ever spent!!!!!Anyway, we were sitting down waiting 4 the game 2 start and then this guy probably about 6'2" and about 225 lb, came up and said " Excuse me, I think this is my seat! I paid $154 dollars for this ticket!!!" We were sick once again, and there was enough room at the moment to have him sit down. But then other people arrived, and he left for about 2 20min segments. My dad felt really bad, the guy did too!! But we managed, and I sat in between my dad's legs and the guy got one of our seats - what an adventure!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009